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What is Purple Doorway?

Steps to Hope and Healing

The counselling programme, Purple Doorway, is designed to take a client, who has been impacted by abortion, on a supported journey. Taking each new step at the right pace for them, the programme leads them to a doorway of hope - The Purple Doorway - into a new life. Each step builds on the last and the whole programme facilitates a gentle, respectful and uplifting review of life, releasing hope and healing.


The programme recognises that while each story and abortion experience is unique, many people (both men and women) share similar struggles. 


Programme Summary


This is to determine it is the right time and programme for the client.

Step 1: My hope for change

You will explore the context in which they live, both relationships and their circumstances.

Step 2: My Story

This is to enable your client to tell more of their story using a questionnaire, 'Exploring the Past'.

Step 3: How am I coping?

You will enable your client to look more clearly about what actually happened, who was involved and how the decisions were made.

Step 4: Managing anger and depression

With strong emotions emerging, this session brings many helpful practical exercises to understand and resolve these emotions.

Step 5: Resolving any guilt and shame

This is an opportunity for them to understand, work through and resolve these issues.

Step 6: Expressing my loss and grief

This session looks at how your client can successfully resolve often-invisible loss.

Step 7: Who was responsible?

This step involves a number of practical exercises to help the client work out where responsibility lies.

Step 8: Freeing myself and others

This sessions focuses on your client freeing themselves and others from issues that stem from their abortion experience.

Step 9: Accepting my past

This will help your client accept and let go of the past and begin to move forward into the future with hope.

Step 10: Doorway to the future

This final sessions helps prepare your client for significant occasions in the future as well as to set new goals for their life. 

How much does Purple Doorway cost?

The programme costs £50 for the Counsellor Guide and the Resource book per counsellor.

If you would like to purchase a copy, please get in touch with us below so we can arrange payment and postage. 


Please use our contact form below or email with your order.

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